puking mickey

oh oh :/

crap... i really wanted to make a great fun layout but it seems I only fucked it up more...

so now i'm stuck with this plain fugly layout

I will try to fix it as soon as i can so I can regain my postings ^^

Kisses xoxo

puking mickey

long time!

I guess I was missing this livejournal too much :(
I miss lj friends and stuff and i'm planning to change my layout, get a decent blogspot and make myself a regular here
I'm so wanting to show my change of style
I've realized I dont dig too much of the regular gyaru anymore
i mean, I love it to pieces, as much as I love manba and banba
but I guess lately i'm more into high fashion+ street fashion + gyaru

much like scawaii, jelly and nuts ohh and popsister too

this is not the official welcme back post but I'm planning to do a big one tomorrow and I hope I haven't lost all of my lj friends XD I really love this place and the interesting people i've met :)

puking mickey

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puking mickey

gosh this is so cute

I would like to say, thanks a bunch everyone who posted to cheer me up, in my really emo post some time ago. Things have been better <3

I will keep on working hard to enjoy life everyday
puking mickey

50 reactions meme from tinkqueen

1. Beer: Kunstman honey :P

2. Food: sashimi and yakisoba please <3

3. Relationships: complex yet interesting

4. Your CRUSH: Acne Atacoma shoes

5. Power Rangers: the popular kids

6. Life: overrated

7. The President: no sense of style

8. Yummy: chocolate covered mocchi with peanut butter filling OMFG!!!!!!! (jizz in my pants)

9. Cars: overrated

10. Movies: my life

11. Halloween: awesome

12. Sex: overrated

13. Religion: empowering

14. Hate: cinamon/pistacchio/almond fake flavoured stuff

15. Fear: moths

16. Marriage: overrated

17. Blondes: didn't worked for me

18. Slippers: cute and snuggly

19. Shoes: obsession

20. Asians: creativity

21. Pass time: tumblin'

22. One night stand: interesting

23. Death: not a painfull one plz

24. Smoke: marihuana? yes, tobacco, dumb.

25. Fantasy: win the lottery

26. College: nightmare

27. High school life: nightmare

28. Pyjamas: T-shirt and knickers

29. Stars: mesmerizing and soothing

30. Center: nipple

31. Alcohol: makes me put dumb ass faces

32. The word love: is out of fashion XD

33. Friends: are weird

34. Money: wanna give me some? ma.landabur@gmail.com (my paypal account)

35. Heartache: my first cat running away

36. Time: I hate it

37. Divorce: a brand new start

38. Dogs: cute

39. Undies: comfortable ones

40. Parents: I dont get them

41. Babies: kinda gross

42. Ex: a very good friend

43. Song: SNSD- OH!

44. Color: nebulose

45. Weddings: I want to attend to one :D

46. Pizza: ohhh fuck... now i'm hungry

47. Hangout: friend's houses

48. Rest: my bf's shack

49. Goal: Fullfill my goals XD

50. Inspiration: Fairy Kei, Princess Mononoke, Lost little girl, Geometric shapes and symbols
puking mickey


before my fucking head explodes ....

I still have got to finish a fucking corset!
a costume for my birthday party tomorrow
paperwokr for university...

all of that today

it's 17:13

besides from that I really want to spend tome time alone with my bf

but I have to go to work tomorrow from 10:30 to 9:30

so basically....

a time machine would come real handy right now