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men... ¬¬


I really love mens fashion and them looking good

cos let's face it

here in Chile most boys look like BALLS and SHIT alltogheter

It really annoys me

my bf asked me some time ago for me to help him with his image

I dont go pushing him into skinny jeans or a maxibag

I go with his flow, I help him with his tastes and making it look well and balanced

and he has learned


he looks way more awesome and sleek than most of his friends

and the best part of it is that they compliment him and say that he looks very good with this new change

now he wanted to go today to get a haircut and I was helping him with the look

so I insist that he has to put on some hair mousse or cream in order to keep the hair nice and pretty

but no... he is a fucking slacker and a douche

he says that the moussse it's too expensive and that he want to be comfortable and not to worry about his hair

he obviously has to worry about his hair!! for fucks sake

it's all broken and very VERY DRY

like most of the man here, they never take care of their hair, they think they can leave it like that for years

now wonder they all go bald later

I hate their stubborness

and if he wants my fucking help at least he could put some hair mousse when he gets of of the bath

it takes one minute and tada!!

fucking caveman

i'm sick of men

I just wish they would grow some balls to look decent one day

they make me sick >:S


Yeah so I promised some pics but really I wasn't in the mood for super production so I will pospone it again XD

instead I tried a new hairstyle, it's really comfortable ^^

well you can't see it really well but it's a hairball XD

i'm also very in love with this perfume song ^^it's from their new album <3

enjoy <3!

I finally bought.... roll the drumssss

Well... I haven't payed for them yet but I already sent the invoice and i'm paying within this week ^^
I have wished that serafuku for such a long time, i'm changing the necktie though I hate the cheap fabric they used, and I suspect that the skirt will go on VERY short ... if it does I will have to make another one, but I just really care about the top ^^i love traditional sera fukus! because the ther type of uniforms can be easily achieved :P

I hope everything fits nicely

tomorrow I will be uploading some pics, I really miss dressing nicely, the exams have me so stressed and ugly right now, though I have lost some weight in it, mainly because I work so much that sometimes I can skip meals but today was a really weird day

I woke up at 7:30 am and I wasn't hungry but I decided to eat a very small piece of some blueberry muffin my mother made

I forgot I had no cash on my debit card

I couldn't buy any lunch or meal

then I wen't to my bf's house I got there at 4:30.... and all I had ate during the day was that fucking blueberry muffin

but guess what?

I was so stressed that I wasn't hungry at all, but I felt kinda sad and dizzy so I ate ^^

but I went like 10 hours or so without any type of food... really not good at all I worry about my nutrition and mind health within exams

now I have like 3 warts in my hands... yeah ¬¬ when I get stressed I get tons of warts it's disgusting I hate it so much

at least today it's friday... I will sleep today so much... and work again on saturday, but a bit more relaxed this time :P

wish me luck

and strenght...

I need it so much right now

Bad day

first of all.... MJ dies :(

second, my plans were all screwed... I HATE to work in fucking groups, it never works

gosh-... really this has been a fucking shitty day, it's been a while since I haven't had so much bad luck, but I try to stay strong

and guess what

dispite all the shit

I got to my home I found


it's so pathetic how I attach myself to those petty little things, but they do make me so happy

plus my boyfriend helped me out and got me to my house in his car ^^
he is such an awesome bf, he really is <3

well... gotta keep working, sorry for no pics today, too busy ;D


so many options O_O!

Ok so I was browsing for some used gal clothes and I found some beauties... but i'm really undecided about what to choose

I used to hate nekomimis.... and i'm uncertain about them... but with my new gilfy shoes I imagined they can look pretty cool if I make some type of rocker punk outfit ^^

now... from theese to I think that leopard is kinda overrated and cheesy but I still love it anyway XD... and I kinda like a lot the black one but i'm afraid that it would look too tight on my ass, since I am a size 40 >_<

now I also found theese two amazing tops from gladnews

both of them can be used as dresses or tops I believe, and the white one, being some sort of knitting fabric, can stretch up to my size I think...

but I also love the pink one... it's so punky!!

just because I'm a brandwhore I alot like big logos XD

aaaaaaand last...

this skirt is VERY cheap... it's a medium size and I made my calculations and I would have to drop to a size 36 to fit in it.... X_x in my dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I think I would like the pink dress, the knit, maybe the nekomimi (though I could try making one by myself.... hmmmmm YES), and the cocolulu top ^^

I really wish I could be a size 36, I think I could fit in most of the skirts and pants... I guess I will be going to the gym next month, since house gym plan hasn't been working so well, aside from that I'm expecting for some weight loss pills that are supposed to work very well, but since I want to go many sizes down I will also have to work out in order to loose fat, I will have to buy skin toners to keep it firm... it's not secret my legs look like zebra stripes XD


Shopping AGAIN??!!


internet shopping feels so great XD

I bought an 18 set of acrylic powders ^^I'm s thrilled about this, I've been wanting to do my own 3d art for my nails, cell phone, jewerly and decoden ^^

I would love to do some hibiscus nails theme ^^

like in the pics

I'm lately in love with hibiscus flowers... must be the manba love around XD they are so cliché but I love the summery concept ^^I miss the sun, tanning and beach with friends

If anyone knows any other nail websites tending for gyaru nails let me know... but I'm kinda tired about the same old hime nails stuff I wanna see some fierce stuff XD

I want this tan... is it too bad??

I really love her skin tone ^^

 Ohhh this pics are very recent from ka tans blog... as you can see MANBA as in my recent post... IS NOT DEAD!!! XD AGAIN!


Im so fucking tired right now... they sent me tons of stuff to do for the exams. But I'm working really hard so I can finish everything in time and relaxed :P

On other news....


I didn't had the chance to go to the first time he came and I knew he was going to come back anytime cos he really loved Chile his enthusiastic fans aaand I don't really know much of his old music but I love the new stuff, it's so danceable and funky ^^

plus he is a fucking hot sexy cutie with some awesome style:

and other music related stuff I love this r&b song by Jasmine ^^ I love her style, her pink hair is so damn cute :P


OMFG"!!!!!!! i finally found a service of virtual credit cards like visa!!! OMFG!!!!!!!

I wont EVER have to pay again for stupid expensive comission and suffering about late deposits ^^

plus they also offer paying through paypal

i love them <3!



i'm doing a sugarbunnis kigurumi ^^

Cheers!!! I hope this post cheers you up